Q: What if ADHD is untreated? What can be the consequences?

A: If ADHD is untreated, the consequences are different for a child or adolescent. Here we’ll address the consequences for an adult. The consequences will vary depending on the sub-type of ADHD you experience, your social setting and your underlying personality. Many people with ADHD report they experience physical and/or emotional exhaustion from fighting your physiology to control your distracted and/or “over the top” behaviours on the job and in an intimate relationship. If you are undertaking a course of study, you will possibly always be late submitting assignments. You will likely procrastinate starting assignments and create stress. You may unintentionally miss classes or turn up at the wrong time. You will always be losing things. You may experience trouble with friendships if others find you always interrupt them, or you are seen as too talkative – you “never shut up”. You may experience successive unsuitable relationships due to impulsivity. Family life may also suffer. Untreated ADHD can increase tensions between partners and between parents and children. You may be at increased risk of driving accidents and accidents during high-risk thrill-seeking activities. We know that untreated ADHD results in higher rates of divorce and job loss, compared with the general population.

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