What is Breathwork?

Breathwork supports the resolution and integration of a wide range of client issues. It is a gentle yet dynamic process of conscious connected breathing. And it is THE most effective way I know of for deep and lasting change.

Breathwork is effective at releasing held emotions/tension and providing clarity. It is a self directive and empowering tool that you can take with you. Breathwork sessions have the effect of getting to the heart of issues, quickly. 

People successfully use Breathwork for a wide range of personal reasons. Some of these include:

When talking therapy is just not working to shift what is held in your body and how you are feeling

Personal healing, growth and development – physical, emotional and spiritual

To assist with managing anxiety, depression and emotional states

  • To release held tension, emotional blocks and trauma in the body
  • For clarity – resolution of challenges, conflict, unresolved issues
  • For improved health and wellbeing
  • To improve relationship with self and others
  • To restore balance in your life – gaining peace and power within.
  • To improve breathing capacity in general

Charan is a Professional Breathwork Practitioner and a member of the Australian Breathwork Association and International Breathwork Foundation.

Further references:
– https://www.australianbreathworkassociation.org/
– www.onebreath.com.au