Reviving a Relationship

Reviving a Relationship

It’s strange but it sometimes seems that the longer you walk with someone, the easier it is to fall out of step. 

You might be able to shuffle-step back into synch with your partner ………. or not.

If you’re finding yourself often (always?) out of step with your partner, if you’re trying to tango and they’re doing the polka – you might benefit from some help.

If this is your experience – book into Chapman Marques Psychology and Relationship Counselling where Gregg Chapman will employ Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Couples Therapy to assist you and your partner get back in step.

To book phone Reception on 6251 1880 or go online: reception@belconnenspecialistcentre.com. Note the conditions for booking couples therapy – they differ from booking for individual psychological therapy sessions.