Hypnotherapy for Pain

Pain is a protective mechanism designed to elicit behaviour change. When the brain determines something is wrong, it will send a warning message which will make us either physically or emotionally uncomfortable.

Pain is subjective and is not an accurate measure of physical injury. Sometimes habits are created by being in pain. These could be moods alteration, inactivity, comfort eating, focusing on the pain or having panic attacks.

For the international association for the study of pain of (IASP), pain as an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.”

Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from pain and particularly chronic pain. Living with chronic pain can have significant impact on the quality of life.

How Hypnotherapy works for pain management

Hypnotherapy has been used for many years to manage different types of pain including joint pain, IBS, sciatica and chronic pain from injuries and illnesses.

Hypnotherapy for pain management can be used either alone or alongside medication. However, prior considering using hypnotherapy for pain control it is important to seek medical advice first for a medical diagnosis to eliminate serious medical condition that could be the causes of pain.

Sometimes pain feeling is a warning to get a correct diagnosis. If the pain is taken away the person might sustain further injury which might worsen the condition.

However, in some cases removing pain, might improve the quality of life and might be helpful for the patient. Examples of this would be dental pain, phantom limb pain, terminal illness, shingles, and surgery.

Hypnotherapy changes the way the client responds to the pain signal. In some cases, it can create more effective responses to medication by stimulating the brain’s analgesic response.

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