Gut directed hypnotherapy

The gut directed hypnotherapy is a clinical hypnotherapy that uses hypnosis to reduce the patient’s IBS symptoms.

How gut-directed hypnotherapy works?

The mechanism of how gut-directed hypnotherapy works is not well known. However, pain is the most researched area of hypnotherapy.
In one hand, research has shown that hypnotic treatment of several chronic pain resulted in more pain reduction than other treatments such as medication, physical therapy or education.

In the other hand, significant body of research has shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy can reduce gastro-intestinal symptoms by 70 to 80%. More than that the results are long lasting and some research has demonstrated that individuals maintained the reduction of their symptoms for 5 years.

Research have also shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy can be as effective as low FODMAP diet. The individuals in this study had their gut symptoms improved without any change in their diet. Furthermore, the gut directed hypnotherapy had also improved their psychological symptoms such the stress and anxiety level.

The aim of the Gut Directed Hypnotherapy is to reduce the gut sensitivity and pain in people with IBS by toning down the signal being sent between the gut and the brain and restore a positive line of communication between the brain and the gut.
The patient will have to listen to the hypnotherapy recording every day as well as following some other exercises such as breathing and relaxation exercise.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

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