But It’s Cold Outside!

But It’s Cold Outside!

We know that getting out of bed in the morning can be harder on cold days.  It can feel so warm, and welcoming under those covers, but it is time to start your day!    

Did you know that having a wake up plan can help?  Using your senses can make it easier on those cold mornings:-  

  1. Start with some warming self massage before you get out of bed – rub your feet on the mattress, rub your hands together to warm you up.
  2. Temperature change – take the covers off and walk across the room
  3. Sound – you can set your alarm across the room/out of reach and get up to turn it off
  4. Light – open the blinds and see the day, or turn on the light.
  5. Movement – do some gentle yoga or Tai Chi, stretching, walking
  6. Breathe – stand or sit tall and focus on taking some deep breaths

Or you could use movement and sound by dancing/moving to your favourite music

Check your mindset and the story you are telling yourself about the day and the temperature.

Next step – have some lovely sensory inputs ready to get you through your morning routine and out the door.

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