A guide to retaining information in your therapy sessions.

From 40% to 80% of medical information offered in treatment consultations is immediately forgotten by doctor’s patients (Kessels, 2003). The same is probably true of psychotherapy/counselling, so you will almost always benefit from having access to additional written information. Handouts given to you by Chapman Marques Psychology & Relationship Counselling provide clear, concise, and reliable information, which will empower you to take the essential active role in your management of your therapy. Learning about your mental health, having practical strategies and techniques, and other psychoeducation will help you better understand and overcome your difficulties. We believe that when you understand the process and content of therapy you are more likely to invest time and energy in the process and commit to making positive changes.

Two suggestions that ought to assist you gain maximum benefit from therapy:

1. Carefully read any handouts given to you. Put the actions you have committed to into consistent action.

2. During the therapy session take notes – either on your iphone or on a notepad.